All About Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo is thought to bring good fortune in Chinese culture, and in recent years has gained tremendous popularity in the West.

The hardiness of bamboo plant is symbolic of good health. Although it looks like a miniature bamboo plant, lucky bamboo is actually a totally different species of plant, called a dracaena.

Placed in a decorative holder amongst small coloured rocks, lucky bamboo makes a lovely gift, especially for a housewarming, wedding or Chinese New Year.

The number of stalks in a lucky bamboo plant is said to indicate the meanings and type of benefits the plant is hoped to bring. At about four to six inches high, a three-stalk lucky bamboo traditionally brings the three ingredients for a happy life: happiness, wealth and longevity.

You can buy combination lucky bamboo plants for specific wishes and occasions. Deluxe versions of the plant might have as many as 21 stalks, with some or all of them curved and intertwined, meant to bring an all-purpose blessing. Lucky Bamboo usually comes with a card explaining the good intentions of the plant and a decorative tie around the stalks.

Lucky or not, bamboo or not, a Lucky Bamboo plant is very elegant and attractive, and extremely easy to care for. Simply fill the container about three-quarters full with water and fully purge and replace the water at least once a month. Lucky bamboo plants will thrive in almost any light conditions.

Because it is such a durable species, Lucky Bamboo can be easily bought over the Internet and shipped to your home. To reach some of the leading online suppliers of Lucky Bamboo, check out the shopping links above.

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