All About Bamboo Flooring Benefits

Because it is a natural, renewable resource, bamboo flooring is considered by many experts and homeowners to be the logical flooring choice of the future.

Bamboo is technically a grass, not a wood product, and it can be harvested every 5 years. As a result, no forests are destroyed to make bamboo floors, and homeowners can count on a reliable supply of products - and at stable prices - for the forseeable future.

Choosing bamboo flooring products is an environmentally and ecologically responsible choice, and they will endure for as long as and longer than products made of hardwood.

Studies have shown that flooring made from bamboo measures up against and even exceeds the most popular, stable and durable hardwood varieties, at a price that's about the same as that for premium wood floors.

Any way you look at it, buying bamboo flooring is an environmentally, economically and aesthetically smart choice!

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