Comparing Bamboo and Hardwood

Bamboo flooring compares favorably to, and even exceeds, the most popular, stable and durable of the hardwood flooring brands, and at comparable prices.

Installing bamboo floors is similar to installing hardwood floors, and maintaining the luscious sheen of bamboo requires even less work than hardwood, with waxing and re-finishing a thing of the past.

Most wood products are compared with oak and maple in terms of stability and durability. Northern red oak is usually the standard against which other hardwood floors are measured for stability. Stability refers to the natural contraction and expansion of a wood in different climates over time. Bamboo is 50% more stable than red oak.

Durability refers to the actual hardness of the wood and susceptibility to dents and scratches. Bamboo is as hard as hard maple, which is the standard flooring industry comparator.

In addition to durability and stability, bamboo might be preferred for its natural beauty and the fact that it doesn't contribute to the depletion of our hardwood resources. Bamboo is a natural, renewable resource that can be responsibly harvested every three to five years.

Finally, the natural beauty of bamboo floors is at least equal to that of hardwood flooring and, for many, it even surpasses it.

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