All About Bamboo Shades and Blinds

Bamboo blinds and bamboo shades are an inexpensive way to add some warmth and exotic flavour to any room in your house.

These traditional Japanese window coverings are made by weaving together very thin shafts of bamboo, which have been whittled and stripped of joints and outer skin. In Japan, bamboo-blind making continues as a traditional craft and involves both manual and mechanized procedures.

Roll-up bamboo blinds make an economical and attractive window covering to accent any dcor. The slats on a roll-up blind will be quite thin, from matchstick to straw-like for ease of rolling, with the weaving patterns varying the amount of light and privacy. Roman bamboo shades fold into layers as they're rolled up or down.

You'll also find bamboo blinds and shades in less traditional styles, with longer, wider slats of bamboo in both horizontal and vertical blinds.

Bamboo blinds and bamboo shades come in a variety of lengths and can be easily shipped at minimal cost, making them ideal for Internet shoppers.

To reach some of the leading online suppliers of bamboo blinds and bamboo shades, check out the shopping links on this page.

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