All About Bamboo Flooring Options

Bamboo flooring is available in two shads: natural and amber. The amber hue is achieved through a steaming and carbonization process that naturally darkens the timber, and is not a stain.

You can purchase bamboo flooring pre-finished with an aluminide oxide lamination (urethane), or in either of the natural hues. Most bamboo flooring manufacturers offer extensive warranties on both the structure of the flooring and the finish.

The bamboo boards come in tongue-and-groove planks 72 or 36 inches long that are installed the same way as hardwood flooring. Floating or long-strip bamboo boards are made of several smaller pieces joined together to make a much longer and wider plank, which reduces installation time.

The naturally occurring 'knots' in bamboo can be seen in strands of four on a horizontal-grained plank, while they will barely be noticeable on a vertical-grained plank. When installing horizontal-grained bamboo, you'll want to stagger the knot effect just as you would with hardwood.

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