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Welcome to The Bamboo Site, your Internet resource for learning about, and shopping for, bamboo flooring, bamboo shades and other products made with this fabulous product.

When most people think of bamboo, they think of China and its giant panda bears, which live on a diet of bamboo. In fact, the bamboo plant itself is actually a type of grass that has hundreds of sub-species that grow to varying heights throughout the world, in wet climates and dry, at low and high elevations.

Bamboo has been used for centuries for an almost endless array of practical and decorative purposes, from building material to food for humans and pandas alike. The young bamboo shoots make a succulent addition to a salad and many Asian recipes.

In the home, bamboo provides a strong, durable material for floors, furniture, baskets, water containers, blinds and shades, eating utensils and placemats - even musical instruments and wind chimes. Its unique grain and node characteristics are enhanced through a steaming and drying process that produces the delicate blonde hue. An additional carbonization process naturally darkens the timber to produce an amber variety.

Among bamboo's impressive list of qualities is the fact that, being a grass, it is a renewable, sustainable natural resource. The species of bamboo used most commonly in commercially manufactured bamboo products is harvested at three to five years, without damage to the ecological system of renewal.

There are literally hundreds of online suppliers of bamboo plants and products, and numerous Bamboo Societies throughout the world promoting the beauty and utility of bamboo as a plant in its own right and a wonderful, renewable resource for all many purposes it can be used.

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